Bourbon barrel barleywine (BBBW)

Filling the barrel -- Jeff and BobIn April of 2006, AABG members got together to fill our newly acquired bourbon barrel with barleywine. 11 5-gallon batches of the same recipe (see below) were brewed by members in order to fill the barrel. Since then, we have taken some out for sampling at AABG meetings, some members have withdrawn their 5 gallon share, and other members have added newly fermented beer (from the same recipe.) Every time we taste it, the beer is different. It has consistent oaky/vanilla aroma, some bourbon flavor, and a modicum of tartness. Sometimes it is sweeter, sometimes more sour, but always interesting.



The October meeting will be held at Roger Burns’s on October 12, starting at 7:30. The featured style is American Pale Ale. See the October Newsletter for more details.


The September meeting will be held at Jeff Renner’s on September 14, starting at 7:30. The featured style is India Pale Ale. See the September Newsletter for more details.