Big Brew ’08

Celebrate National Homebrew day with Big Brew at the Ypsilanti Brewing Co! Big Brew is a world-wide event celebrating National Homebrew Day by brewing and giving brewing demonstrations. This is your chance to observe and participate in the brewing of Read more…

Carbonation resource

Jeff writes: Spotted on TechTalk last week – a reference to a very comprehensive article on carbonation – mostly for carbonated water, but lots of good information. The author went to a lot of trouble to put it together.

National Homebrewers Conference club night and hospitality suite information

AABG is planning to participate in both Club Night and the Hospitality Suite at the National Homebrew Conference. Crispy has confirmed a reservation for Club Night as well as the Hospitality Suite for a shift (we won’t know the actual time slot until closer to the event) for the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild, as well as the F.O.R.D. club.

Here is a letter from the organizers about both events. (more…)

AABG logos

We have the AABG logo in a variety of formats. Members may download and use these logos to label beers, make name tags, meeting signs, and similar uses. Largish B&W logo (595 x 595) B&W AABG logo in Microsoft word Read more…