The May, 2018 meeting will be hosted by Rick and Dianne Monier, starting at 7:30PM on Friday, May 11.

They write: Our address is 13511 Island Lake Rd, Chelsea, MI 48118. Our house phone number is 734-475-3835, Rick’s cell 734-474-6929, and Dianne’s cell is 734-330-4525.

Remember, you must be 21 to attend the AABG meetings.

What should I bring to the meeting?

  • Bring yourself, foremost.
  • Bring homebrews to share, and homebrews that you want comment on. We’ve all made beers with flaws, and the best way to learn how to get past those flaws is to talk to others who’ve done it, too. You are encouraged to bring beers that match the style of the month, but don’t feel at all limited to that style.
  • Bring a tasting glass. A small glass helps with portion control. It should be big enough to get your nose into, though.
  • Bring a snack to share.
  • Bring an interesting commercial beer, especially if it’s one that’s not easily available locally, and especially if it matches the style of the month.
  • Remember, though, that we are about brewing and tasting, not about drinking large quantities. One or two bottles of each beer is plenty to share around for tastes.

The meeting is very loose, with no particular structure other than a brief business meeting in the middle.