The March 2020 meeting is cancelled. We hope to be back together in April, if possible.

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The January – March 2020 meetings will be hosted by Adventures in Homebrewing. The January meeting starts at 7:30PM on Friday, January 10. There will be an educational segment at 7PM.

Please remember that you must be at least 21 years old to attend AABG meetings.

AiH is located on the south side of Jackson Rd, west of Zeeb. If you are coming from the east, turn at the first cross-through after you pass Lowes. Special information for this meeting:

  • If you want to purchase supplies, please arrive before 7PM, as the store closes at 7.
  • There are only about 15 or 20 parking spaces in the front of the building, so if the lot is full, you may be able to park at one of the neighboring retail establishments (if they are closed for the evening), or you can drive around back and park, or on the side of the building. For those who elect to park on the side of the building, please keep it to one row so as not to obstruct others from coming in and out.
  • The actual meeting will take place in the “middle” of the building. By “middle”, I mean that you will come in through the front door, walk to the back of the shop. Jason and his crew have created a seperate room through those back doors. The bathroom will be available throughout the evening, which means members will have to walk through the store close to the entrance where the bathroom is. This means that everyone will have access to the retail supplies area. While I hope it goes without saying, please don’t ask to purchase anything after 7:00, and please help the club earn the trust of AinH so that they will invite us again.
  • While they will have tables available for food, they do not have any chairs in the back. Bring your own if you would like a seat.

What should I bring to the meeting?

  • Bring yourself, foremost.
  • Bring homebrews to share, and homebrews that you want comment on. We’ve all made beers with flaws, and the best way to learn how to get past those flaws is to talk to others who’ve done it, too. You are encouraged to bring beers that match the style of the month, but don’t feel at all limited to that style.
  • Bring a tasting glass. A small glass helps with portion control. It should be big enough to get your nose into, though.
  • Bring a snack to share.
  • Bring an interesting commercial beer, especially if it’s one that’s not easily available locally, and especially if it matches the style of the month.

Remember, though, that we are about brewing and tasting, not about drinking large quantities. One or two bottles of each beer is plenty to share around for tastes.

The meeting is very loose, with no particular structure other than a brief business meeting in the middle.