The Ann Arbor Brewers Guild is a group of homebrewers and beer lovers who meet monthly to taste and talk about beer and brewing. New members are always welcome. We meet on the 2nd Friday of each month starting at 7:30PM, except in July, when the annual Beer-BQ is held on a Saturday afternoon and evening. The meeting place moves around to a different member’s house each month, but is always reasonably close to Ann Arbor, MI. You need not be a brewer to attend!

Members come from communities all around south-eastern Michigan, ranging from Kalamazoo, to Fowlerville, to Troy. We span the range of home-brewing experience and methods, from the first-timer with one (or fewer!) batch under his or her belt, to brewers who have been at it for 15 years and more. From kit brewing to 50+ gallon all-grain batches. If you want to learn how to brew better beer, whatever your current level, we are the group for you.

For information about dues and joining the email list, see the “new member info” page.

Dues payment allow members to post to the AABG distribution list, rent the club pico system, participate in occasional group buys of grains, honey and other items that come up, come to the summer bar-b-que as well as keeping Crispy off your back;-)

The E-mail club contacts are Spencer Thomas and Colin Burton (


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