The AABG holds and, through the auspices of our “BrewGyver”, maintains several pieces of equipment. Members in good standing may borrow/rent these equipment.

The roster is maintained in a Google spreadsheet. The link is available to members in good standing. (You must register for the forum to view the link and instructions for using the spreadsheet.)

A short list includes:

  • Access to 22 years of Zymurgy magazines.
  • A 10’ x10’ Pop-up tent
  • A portable brass 12 tap tower – with chilled beer lines
  • A portable chrome 10 tap tower – with chilled beer lines
  • (4) 6 tap co2 manifolds.
  • (1) 3 tap cold plate jockey box
  • (2) 5 tap cold plate jockey boxes
  • The club pico- System


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