Meeting at Brewery Becker

Please note: you must be at least 21 years old to attend AABG meetings.

The December meeting will be hosted by Brewery Becker, starting at 7:30PM on Friday, December 14.

Read general information about the meeting, including an interactive map to the location.

The meeting will be upstairs at the brewery. We have the upstairs space blocked off starting at 6, so there is no reason that the meeting can’t start early if people want to start hanging out upstairs at 6. There will be a bartender upstairs starting at 6, so feel free to have her pour you a beer and/or pour her a taste of some of yours.

Note from Spencer: Consider supporting Matt Becker’s business by coming early and having a beer and dinner at the brewery.

The education program starts at 7PM. It will be a honey tasting with honeys brought by Annie and Matt (in the hat).

The meeting also includes 2 “brewola” tastings, with this proposed schedule:

7:00 – Honey Tasting (Matt and Annie)
7:30 – let the tasting commence
8:00 – Bochet Meadola
8:30 – Business Meeting
9:00 – Brown Ale Brewola

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