The February meeting has been moved to February 16, still at Adventures in Homebrewing on Jackson Rd. The meeting starts at 7:30. Note that Adventures closes at 7PM for sales, so if you want to buy anything, be sure to come before 7. Read general information about the meeting, including an interactive map to the location.

Educational program will start at 7PM. Chris “Crispy” Frey will talk about his “Nearly Nirvana Pale Ale” recipe. Crispy writes:

For the February educational session I plan to discuss what I have learned
from brewing the Nearly Nirvana Pale Ale recipe nearly 80 times over 20
years. Some areas I hope to cover include:

  • Some history on how and why I came up with the recipe (and of course, the recipe itself, which is readily available on-line), including early research on HBD & Cats Meow
  • The importance of locking in one’s process and understanding one’s brewing system (temps, volumes, sensitivities, shortcomings, efficiency, etc.)”
  • Once one’s process is locked in, the ability to change one variable and understand its impact, be it:
  • Differences in doughing in (underletting water into the mash kettle versus stirring grains into the heated water)
  • Temperature and the mash
  • Grains (types, manufacture, crush, etc.), additions of various specialty grains and sugars
  • Hops (types, amounts, timing, dry hopping, first mash hopping, hop bursting, etc.)
  • Water treatment (or not)
  • Timing
  • Circulation, stirring, effects of a stuck sparge and its potential outcome
  • And of course, my favorite, yeast

Some limited samples of my most recent iteration that is ready (Batch 77) will be available for tasting.

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