Please note: you must be at least 21 years old to attend AABG meetings.

The February meeting will be hosted by Matt Becker, starting at 7:30PM on Friday, February 10.

Read general information about the meeting, including an interactive map to the location.

The 7:00pm ‘educational session’ before the February meeting will be used to start planning for HomeBrew Con.

If you know you’re going, think you’re going, might like to go, or have no idea what HomeBrew Con is and want to find out more, please come and join the discussion. Topics for discussion will include the Club Night booth, what beer we should bring, how we should get there, and anything else people can think of.

We are meeting in the Brewery Becker “warehouse”, where Matt has a large selection of equipment and supplies that he wants to get rid of. Crispy says:

We had the chance to go over to the warehouse and check out the space. It is indeed large enough to house a meeting, has plenty of beer related eye candy, and will soon be receiving the remnants of the Michigan Brewing Company’s homebrew shop.

Where is it? Matt writes:

399 Washington St, Brighton, MI 48116 is the address for the warehouse. It a multi tenant building. We are the second to last unit in the strip, next to security lock and key. All the businesses are closed by then, so we have ample parking.

You can view some old photos here. Matt says “these are older pictures, not everything shown is there and not everything available is shown.”

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