Please note: you must be at least 21 years old to attend AABG meetings.

The February meeting will be hosted by Adventures in Homebrewing, starting at 7:30PM on Friday, February 13

Read more about this month’s meeting online, including an interactive map to the location.

Educational session at 7PM with Jeff Grainger to talk about our ciders. (details below the break)

The February meeting on lucky Friday the 13th will have Jeff Grainger as the moderator for a session on Ciders – “The good, the bad, and the what the hell happened to my 2014 Grainger cider fermentations”


Members are encouraged to bring along their representative samples to share and discuss. Especially interesting (to Jeff particularly, but to members in general) would be the details…

  • What was the blend?
  • Did you sulphate or not?
  • What yeast strain did you use?
  • What were your gravities?
  • Did you add spices, honey or other ingredients?
  • Approximate temperatures of fermentation?
  • Time of fermentation
  • Carbonated? Not deliberately, but then why is it gushing…?
  • Ice wine?
  • Back sweetened…if so, with what?

As I mentioned before, it would also be tres cool if you could put as much of this information on a page and rubber band it to an extra bottle or two for the Graingers to bring home and analyze one at a time, at their leisure. Much gets lost after a dozen or so samples in one sitting.

So let’s give Jeff the In-Cider scoop about what we did, share our in-cider information so to speak!

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