Please note: you must be at least 21 years old to attend AABG meetings.

The August meeting will be hosted by Crispy Frey, starting at 7:30PM on Friday, August 8.

Please read these notes from our host:


Our home is 1/4 mile south of Michigan Avenue (275 South Ann Arbor Street). We are at the first light (Crestwood and S. Ann Arbor). If you park on South Ann Arbor Street, please ensure your vehicles are parked in the direction of traffic. It would be best if you pass our house and turn around and face north. Also, parking is available on Crestwood and Pleasant Ridge Road. Drop off only in the driveway as we share it with our neighbor.
Weather permitting the meeting will be in the backyard. You can bring any food items into the screened in porch attached to the garage.

The gates in and out of the backyard are marked either “PUSH” or “PULL”. If you don’t get it right you will break the hinges and cause undue stress on your hosts. Please keep the gates shut as our dog (Jake) needs to be contained. He barks but does not bite.

Educational program

Bob Barrett will be providing an education session at next Friday’s meeting, starting @ 7:00PM.

Bob will show interested members how he built a digital temperature controller for ~$35 vs buying one for $85.

Info will also be provided on where these parts were purchased and how much each part cost.

Read more about this month’s meeting online, including an interactive map to the location.

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