Please note: you must be at least 21 years old to attend AABG meetings.

The August meeting will be hosted by Chris Frey, starting at 7:30PM on Friday, August 10.

Read more about the meeting online, including an interactive map to the location, or download the newsletter, which contains information about the meeting and features Porter, the style of the month.

A couple of important notes follow the break…

On Monday we found out that our dog (Jake) blew out his other ACL. Jake had surgery on Wednesday and returns home this evening. For those of you who know Jake, or who have attended meetings at the home over the last few years, he is a “Shakey Jake”. His is part Shar Pei (guard dog), and his modus operandi  is to get up and bark whenever anyone arrives at the house – an outcome we have to minimize/avoid to allow for his recovery.
The meeting will be held outside (which was the original plan, and why we moved it from November to August).
  • We have the garage (good sized) all cleared out, the attached screened-in porch, the gazebo as well as the club’s 10’x10’ tent available for cover.
  • There is a bathroom immediately to your right as you enter the back door on the porch. There are two back doors – use the one on the left. The one on the right goes into our bedroom where Jake will be recovering – please do not enter there. Just quietly let yourself in and ease the doors closed softly coming and going. Men, I use the back of the garage discreetly once it gets dark.
  • There will be no tours to the beer cave L Yes, there are any number of remarkable beers and meads aging, from barrel aging sour browns, tart Old Ales and Flanders reds, to meads with Flander’s red organisms and other meads, the NNPA #59 from the demo two weeks ago, etc. You have all seen fermenting vessels, just maybe not so many in one place J. We need to keep this outside.
We will have both Root Beer and Ravin Red soda available on tap. I served these yesterday at our office picnic and they were well received. Additionally, I will have any number of interesting beers and meads to share.
With any luck, the rains will end late afternoon and we can spread out in the backyard. My good friend and neighbor, Peter Smith, has even indicated that he and a few friends might like to come by and play some tunes (non-amplified), so we may even have some entertainment during the evening.
It was ten years ago this weekend that Kris and I had our first date. We meet on and after several emails and phone calls, we got together. I convinced her to join me to come to Mike O’Brien’s 50th surprise birthday party, where she got to meet my peeps. Which also means that Mike’s 60th birthday is happening – wish Mike a happy birthday!
Alex & Claudia have graciously offered up their Ypsilanti home as a back-up plan if it is clear that Jake needs complete isolation on Friday night. With the mead making demo, Liquid Malt Extract & AABG work shirt dispersion all planned, along with the multiple homebrewers we meet and invited to the meeting while at the Michigan Brewers Guild Summer Beer Fest, we are hopeful that it doesn’t come down to this. But check your emails tomorrow just in case. Kris and I are off tomorrow and will be around all day, so we should know by early afternoon.
Tomorrow is the start of Saline Summerfest. While I believe all the activities for tomorrow evening are in the park, in case a section (or two) of Saline-Ann Arbor Road is closed for through traffic around Michigan Avenue, you simply need to follow the detours to go around (likely a left one block north of Michigan Ave., followed by a right which takes you over Mi. Ave, and right again on Henry Street, then left again on South Ann Arbor St.).
Club member Karl Vernon ( ) made custom hop finials for our deck. They are prototypes made of a foam, and the paint is still curing –hands off J
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