Usually, you must be at least 21 years old to attend AABG meetings. For the Beer-BQ only, you may bring your children. You are responsible for monitoring and policing their activities.

The July meeting is our annual Beer-BQ. It will be hosted by Dave and Natalie Olds, starting about 1PM on Saturday, July 14.

Read more about the meeting online, including an interactive map to the location. You can also read the newsletter, which includes driving directions, a description of the Beer-BQ, and information about Mead, the style of the month. Details from our hosts follow the jump…

Date:  Saturday, July 14, 2012
Time:  All afternoon and into the evening

Place:  The wilderness half way between Hartland and Fenton.   Dave and Natalie Olds’ house, corner of Mabley Hill and Rohn Rds, Fenton MI.  See the monthly newsletter for a map or punch this into your GPS:  12089 Rohn Rd., Fenton MI. (not really the official address, but gets you there) Phone:  810-629-1355   Our AABG banner will be mounted somewhere near our driveway.  It’s not so hard to find – look for the (open) maize colored gate.
Parking:  The first 30 or so cars can park (in an orderly fashion) in our first field on the left side (west) of the driveway.  After that, park at our neighbors – next house east (10 cars or so on the gravel near his garage – he will be out of town).  After that, if necessary, we’ll park another 10 or so in my north yard around the tiny garden.  Anyone driving a Gen 1 Camaro will get special parking privileges.

[The following is mostly copied from Crispy’s note regarding last year’s event, but modified as appropriate for this year.]

The BeerBQ typically is an all afternoon, all evening event (1:00 – 12:00).  Those with other commitments can concentrate on the 4:00 – 8:00 time frame. Our master of ceremonies, Mike O’Brien, Caterer Extraordinaire, provides the anchor to this event. with his infamous trailer full of goodies. Mike typically brings a large tent, 8-10 large round tables, and seating for about half the crowd (bringing your own comphy chair is a good idea). Additionally, he will bring his portable grilling system (trailer) and will roast us a pig this year (the pig will likely be ready to eat sometime in the 5-6 time range, but that’s up to Mike).  Please input to the spread sheet asap so Mike knows how big a pig to capture.

Mike also plans to haul out his soft serve ice-cream machine. He will usually start with a straight vanilla mix, and once the children have been satiated, it is time for the adult mix. I (Dave) have a bottle of New Glarus Raspberry Tart we can mix in (and a bottle of Rouge Voodoo – wonder how that would taste?).  We will certainly consider better ideas.  Sundae toppings would be nice – someone will have to bring them.  It’s OK to have desert before dinner, right?

While Mike will supply the primary protein for this event, please bring a side dish or two. These can range from pasta salads to chips and dip, cheese (Crispy likes soft Chimay) and crackers.  Swedish meatballs, to shrimp and cocktail sauce, cut fruits, what have you. If you have that “killer” appetizer that everyone loves at your home gatherings of friends and family, this is the event to bring it along. Other deserts, too.  I wonder if Matt will bring something other than brownies?  I think we will set up the buffet spread in my attached garage to keep it out of the weather and sun (it’s nice and clean and all doors can be open).  Electricity is easily available for hot pots (I might make some bbq pulled chicken for sliders).  We can put cold stuff on ice if necessary and there will be some room in the kitchen’s fridge, but probably no room for frozen.

Children are invited, as this is the one event a year where the whole family is encouraged to come and enjoy.  In years past, the club has rented a bouncy house for the kids (also may have been an adult or two).   And maybe a wet slippy-slide (kids probably need to bring a bathing suit if this is pulled off).  (Still need volunteers to arrange for the house and slide).   And the club rents a porta-potty.  (This year it can mostly be for the guys.  Gals and anyone else not liking the porta-potty are welcome to go inside – we have several bathrooms – no problem – and it will be air conditioned inside.)

Crispy wants to remind us that you really need to be a current and paid up member to attend.  And we’ll be glad if you bring a guest or two.  There is no set cost for a guest, but make sure they bring good beer, side dish, etc. and maybe advise them to buy a few of Crispy’s raffle tickets.  (The raffle occurs during the dinner time, I think.  Proceeds go to the club and help pay for all of this.)

The AABG beer dispensing system will be available for hooking up your cornie kegs.  Tell Mike ahead of time if you use “pin” fittings.  There will be at least 12 taps available (I heard a number much bigger than 12 recently).  Bottles of “special” and “regular” homebrew, craft beer and even American Homebrew Association Commemorative beers are encouraged (Dave will have a few of these and maybe others will bring some, too).  Anyone bringing Corona Lite will be ridiculed, however fine session beers are pretty nice on a hot summer day.   We’ll have plenty of soda, diet soda, ice tea, etc. available, but if you want something specific, bring it with you just to make sure.

Games are welcome.  That corn hole game with the bean bags? Safe Jarts? Other games? Bring them along!  (Natalie will set up her outdoor table tennis equipment – maybe a tournament is in the making.  And we have a croquet set if there is any flat ground left over.)

If someone has a decent music system, that is welcome (I have only a puny one).  If one is coming, let the collective know if CD’s or MP3′s or other media would be appreciated.

We have a fire pit and plenty of firewood. (Some-mores?)

A call for help usually goes out for members to show up early Saturday to help unload the trailer, set up the tent, tables and chairs, etc.  A similar small volunteer army is highly appreciated the next morning to break it all down and pack it up.  Of course since this year’s BBQ is 30 miles from A**2, this will be more of a challenge.

The club Greybeards testify that this is a terrific event.  Others, please feel free to chime in on this, as we have a lot of “newbie’s”, and want to encourage them all to come, bring family, food, brews and games and have a great time! These are your dues dollars at work, and it is a blast!

There is plenty of room for tents if you feel like staying over.  And there is room inside on the floor if you just want to crash.  Crispy will bring the club’s breathalyzer, but even if you “pass”, we want you to be safe.  (plus you can help clean up Sunday morning.)


Mike has set up a Google spread sheet so folks can sign up to attend and state what they are bringing and helping with.  Here’s the link:


Things you will want to bring:

1) S.O. and kids.  (If you don’t have a S.O., Natalie has a couple friends you could probably borrow for a day.) (Also, friendly dogs are welcome – just need to keep track of them so they are not lost 30 miles from home – that thought applies to the S.O. and kids, too.

2) Beer and side dish(es)

3) Eating and drinking utensils (we will have extras if you forget, but it’s good to limit waste and glass is nicer to drink from)

4) Bug repellent (we’ll have extra if you forget)

5) Blanket, jacket, pants for when the temperature drops after dark
6) Chairs (Mike brings many, but probably not enough)

7) Yard games

Things we need and hope someone volunteers to bring:

The bounce house and slippy slide (I’m told these can be rented somewhere) (maybe someone owns a big slippy slide – we have several hill options)
Ice (lots) and an ice chests

Please respond to Mike’s spread sheet and send a note back with any questions, issues, etc.    See you in a couple weeks, Dave Olds

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