Lagunitas Brewing is running a”challenge” for NHC attendees. Details after the break.

Hello to all you Homebrewers out there!  Lagunitas Brewing Co has put together (what WE think is) a cool idea for us all to have some extra fun at your National Homebrew Conference this year in Seattle.

I’m attaching our recipe for Hop Stoopid. Here’s the challenge:

For those of you coming out to the National Conference this year in Seattle, why don’t you give our Hop Stoopid recipe a go??  Brew a batch and see how it turns out. Then bring a bottle of your finished product to the conference and join us in our suite at the Westin Bellvue, attached to the Hyatt Regency. We’ll have OUR version of Hop Stoopid there AND our Head Brewer, Jeremy Marshall!  You can sample your beer against ours and see how close you got. Then you can hang out and talk with Jeremy about the creativity, challenges and the fun of brewing hoppy beers.

This is not a contest, just a cool & casual sharing of ideas and techniques.

We’ll have lots of food and drink for you so there’ll be no need to find dinner that night. Just come on out for a fun and informative few hours in our suite.

Here are the details:

Date: Thurs, June 21 2012
Time: 3pm – 6:30pm
Dinner: Provided!
Beer: Of Course!

I ask that you RSVP to me by Fri June 15th so I can make sure to have plenty of food & drink for you all. If you have any questions, just ask!

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in Seattle!

Karen Hamilton

National Marketing
Lagunitas Brewing Co

Here are the answers to some questions that homebrewers have posed about it:

From Jeremy Marshall:

The recipe was a 5 gallon but ours here is a 75 BBL (which takes about  85 BBL before evaporation and contraction due to cooling). I tried to scale down but there are really different grain and hop utilization rates between brewhouses, so they will need artistic leeway.

Regarding IBU, we peg at 102 though the scale is only 0-100, with anything over 80 not really tasting any more bitter (80-100 is a blur). There are a lot of wild factors governing final IBU and you need a lot more than you think to get over 80.

We go by a “calculated” wort IBU of 300 and  losses really vary afterwards (fermentation vessel, pitching rate, carbonation, foaming, filtration, etc.) the stated recipe is about 28 pounds of alpha in 85 BBLS and the kettle utilization rate is 24% or lower so only 3 million milligrams of the alpha is isomerized (or less) and that is in 9945 litres of wort.

More questions & answers:

Q. ** No mash temperature listed.  Assume 150-152F?  I know Lagunitas mashes warmer on some recipes (~156), but Stoopid also seems to be drier than, say, Maximus for example, so 150-152F is an approximation based FG and tasting the beer.
A. We use a temp programmed mash: 62C for 45 min then 66C for 30 min then up to 78C for transfer

Q. ** How long to dry hop not listed.  Assume 10-14 days?

A. Really depends on temperature, we do 72 hours at 70F but the kind of extraction we get is very different in our tanks—I would say need 6 days at 68-70F in small scale to reproduce.

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