On Sunday a dozen or so folks gathered at my place (Aron Butler) to drain the Belgian Golden from the Saury barrel there and replace it with a Saison. Like the Radoux barrel currently holding a Flanders Red at my place, this one was obtained from 2 Lads Winery of Traverse City. It was filled on February 27th with a Belgian Golden Strong (no blog post was made at that time), which slowly dried to 1.003 and developed some nice tartness and barrel character along the way. Investors got back about 4.5 gallons each of this beer.

Following a quick rinse-out of the dregs, the barrel was refilled with a collection of Saison batches brewed with 50% wheat malt and Saaz finishing hops, fermented with WLP-565. Given that the barrel is already inoculated and this Saison is relatively light in gravity, we hope to have something nice by the holidays. Linked here is a spreadsheet showing batch data for this barrel.

Excel 2003 file

PDF file

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