The July Beer-BQ will be hosted by Roger Burns, starting at 1:00 PM on Saturday, July 16. The Beer-BQ is our annual family-oriented picnic. Read more about the meeting online, including an interactive map to the location, or download the newsletter, which contains information about the meeting and features Mead, the style of the month.

In contrast to most AABG meetings, this is a members-only event. If you’re thinking about joining, please check back next month to attend the August meeting.

More about the Beer-BQ from Chris Frey:

Typically it is an all day, all night event (1:00 – 12:00), with those with other commitments (or fewer beer bullets) concentrating on the 4:00 – 8:00 time frame. Our master of ceremonies, Mike O’Brien, Caterer Extraordinaire, provides the anchor to this event. with his infamous trailer full of goodies. Mike typically brings a large tent, 8-10 large round tables, and seating for about half the crowd (bringing your own seating is good form). Additionally, he will bring his portable grilling system, and cook up some yummy meat, which in the past has ranged from whole pig to turkeys to beef brisket.

And usually he also hauls out his soft serve ice-cream machine. He will usually start with a straight vanilla mix, and once the children have been satiated, it is time for the adult mix. I brewed a Raspberry Imperial Stout specifically for this purpose, and thanks to a timely diversion to a Wisconsin package store, I have a variety of New Glarus fruit beers that I can offer up as well.

In years past at the Darnell’s and other hosts, the club typically rents a “bouncy” thingamajig for the children, which the club also reimburses. Yes, children are invited, as this is the one event a year where the whole family is encouraged to come and enjoy. Also available from club reimbursement, are available funds to rent a porta-potty, so as not to stress out the host’s septic system, and/or minimize trips into the house. Always the hosts call. Did I mention you really should be a current and paid up member to attend 😉 ?

While Mike will supply the primary “protein” for this event, it is also good form (and anticipated) to bring a side dish. These can range from pasta salads to chips and dip, cheese and crackers. Swedish meatballs, to shrimp and cocktail sauce, what have you. If you have that “killer” appetizer that everyone loves at your home gatherings of friends and family, this is the event to bring them along.

Additionally, the club bar will be available, and if you use a coke fitting, it is best to let Mike know ahead of time. Otherwise, there will be 12 taps available. Bottles of “special” and “regular” homebrew, craft beer and even American Homebrew Association Commemorative beers and meads are encouraged. And Same Wort – Different Yeast, home made distillates, and any other fermentables are welcome. If someone has a decent music system, that is welcome. If one is coming, let the collective know if CD’s or MP3’s or other media would be appreciated.

Games are welcome. Anyone have a croquet set? That corn hole game with the bean bags? Other games? Bring them along!

A call for help usually goes out for members to either show up early Saturday morning or Friday after work (weather depending) to help unload the trailer, set up the tent, tables and chairs, etc. A similar small volunteer army is highly appreciated late the next morning to break it all down and pack it up.

Kris and I purchased all the necessary plastic forks, knives and spoons at a recent estate sale, and we will contribute these. Plates, napkins, ice, and all other manner of items will also be needed, and as we get closer, volunteers will be sought to secure these items. Perhaps Mark Zadvinski or someone else could set up a Goggle doc to start collecting all who are coming, with any additional family or friends, their side dishes, if they are bringing a keg, etc.

This is a terrific event. Others, please feel free to chime in on this, as we have a lot of “newbie’s”, and I want to encourage them all to come, bring family, food, brews and games and have a great time! These are your dues dollars at work (did I mention that you should be a current and paid up member to attend ;-), and it is a blast!

Our host, Roger, adds:
BeerBQ will be hosted by my inlaws, Dick and Dee Smit, who are really wonderful people and love a good party. There’s room for tents, if you feel like staying over. The yard is fairly large and there is a croquet set in the adjoining neighbor’s yard, who is also a homebrewer and will definitely be coming!

There’s a fire pit. We’ll work to getting some trees stacked up for a nice bonfire.

Things you may want to bring:

  1. bug repellent
  2. blanket
  3. chairs (there are going to be a lot, but you never have enough)
  4. jacket/pants (the temp drops off at night)
  5. yard games (we have volleyball, frisbees, bocce, horseshoes, and possibly some more)
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