Please note: you must be at least 21 years old to attend AABG meetings.

The November meeting will be hosted by Chris Frey, on Friday, November 14, starting at 7:30.

Read more about the meeting online, including an interactive map to the location, or download the newsletter, which contains information about the meeting and features Brown ales, the style of the month.

Chris sends this note:
Following tradition, we will be cooking up a beer-injected turkey and serving it up as an appetizer during the meeting. Kris is also going to make a batch of beer cheddar soup. Both of these dishes will use a fresh Pumpkin Ale as an ingredient. I encourage members to think “early holiday” and hope to see some creative side dishes or appetizers for everyone to share.

Because we share a driveway with our neighbors, parking must be on either South Ann Arbor Street, or Crestwood, which is the side street at the light right in front of our house. To keep the local constables happy, please park on our side of South Ann Arbor facing north.

Our dog Jake has recently injured himself, and because of this, we will be crating him most of the night in the 1st floor bedroom which will be off limits to guests. We will be holding the meeting in the basement of the house to keep him from getting too excited, with overflow in the kitchen/livingroom if necessary. Bathrooms, of course, are upstairs too. We’d also appreciate it if all food is kept downstairs.

Please come in through the backyard basement door (thru the picket fence gate near the back steps).

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