AABG is planning to participate in both Club Night and the Hospitality Suite at the National Homebrew Conference. Crispy has confirmed a reservation for Club Night as well as the Hospitality Suite for a shift (we won’t know the actual time slot until closer to the event) for the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild, as well as the F.O.R.D. club.

Here is a letter from the organizers about both events. Attached to the letter were the following:

My Fellow Homebrewers!

I’m Jennifer Hermann. President of the Bloatarian Brewing League in Cincinnati will be coordinating this years efforts for Club Night! I have put together a list of items to keep in mind while preparing for this years event. I will be working closely with both the Cellar Master and the director for the Hospitality Suite to ensure that all events run smoothly this year. Please direct your questions appropriately:

CLUB NIGHT – Jennifer Hermann, BBL, Cincinnati, OH

bathingotis at yahoo.com

HOSPITALITY SUITE – Frank Barickman, SODZ, Columbus, OH

fbarickm at columbus.rr.com

CELLAR MASTER – Bill Krauth, LAGERS, Louisville, KY

bkrauth at bellsouth.net

The following information is now posted on the website:

Hospitality Suite

While visiting the Hospitality Suite, conference attendees have the opportunity to sample homebrews from local and out-of-state homebrewing clubs as well as meet fellow homebrewers from across the country. Homebrew clubs take turns hosting the suite and serving club beers. A small trade show is also set up inside the suite for conference attendees to interact with business vendors. Conference participants are invited to visit the Hospitality Suite during session breaks as well as before and after conference events. Visiting the suite provides a great opportunity to socialize with other brewers, clubs, and beer enthusiasts from all over the country.


How can my club participate? Sign up online (registration form coming soon). You may also contact Hospitality Coordinator Frank Barickman, fbarickm at columbus.rr.com.

How much beer should our club bring? So as to offer variety, each club should offer at least 6 varieties of beer during its shift.

Our club can only travel with 2-3 kegs of beer, can we still participate in hospitality? Yes. Your club can be paired with another club to share a shift. Please indicate that on the registration form, or contact the hospitality coordinator.

What does our club need to bring? Cups will be provided and refrigeration/cellar for the beer, assistance with transport of the beer within the hotel, and back-up resources are available when needed. Your club provides the beer for your shift, and people to serve it during your shift.

Our club might need volunteer help and/or equipment that we cannot ship or transport.
Can we still participate? Yes. An assortment of back-up supplies and helping hands can be provided to your club. Specific arrangements for special needs during a hospitality shift can be coordinated with the Hospitality team.

Our beer is not in kegs, can we still serve it? Yes. Bottles are welcome.

Club Night

Friday Night, June 20th is Club Night at the AHA Conference in Cincinnati! This night boasts the biggest homebrewed party of the year with homebrewers from across the country clinking glasses in celebration of the best hobby ever invented!

Never been to Club Night before? If you can imagine a Mardi Gras celebration in summertime complete with decorations and painted faces, crazily innovative beer taps and handles, tasty treats to eat and more than 100 homebrews on tap then you’ve caught a glimpse of what Club Night is all about. Many clubs have some sort of theme, and although not necessary, using one might help to spark some of your creative engines. I’ve seen clubs use their club’s name, hometown and state as inspiration. Many clubs have developed a special delivery system that they like to showcase at Club Night. Some clubs have a mascot or favorite quote or unique beer (imagine that) that they incorporate into their presentation. While other clubs simply rely upon their overwhelmingly charming personality.



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