Bob and Kim take a Gold!

Chris Frey writes, by email:

As they prepared to announce the winner of the Gold Medal for American Pale Ale, with 388 entered into the National Committee(the largest of any style entry), Janis Gross, AHA competition director stated “If you win this, you’re an awesome brewer”…and then they announced Bob & Kim Barrett won!

Our table of Michigan natives hooped and hollered as Bob buried his face into his hands, overwhelmed with emotion. I can assure you he is riding high and we are all so proud and happy for both of them!

Along with the Gold Medal, they won a beginners brewing system and an extract Nut Brown Ale recipe – go figure!

“Brews Crews” competition results

Best of show in the Arbor Brewing / Corner Brewing “Brews Crews” competition went to Jason Pruette for his Ale-n-Dog Alt Blind. We understand that Jason and Matt will probably be brewing this in August.

The list of first round winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place) is available online.

Best of Show first runner-up was Bob Barrett’s Oberon Clone, and second runner-up was John Rathmell’s Realm of Osmodius Imperial Stout.

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