The first thing you need to do is to register a user account. On the AABG home page, click the “Register” link and follow the instructions.

Then let me know your user (login) name, and I’ll change you to be an “Editor”, which will give you the rights to upload images.

Then you’re ready to add images. Your images should be no larger than 1024 pixels, probably smaller. Otherwise they won’t display properly on most computers.

Here’s the procedure

1. Log in. This will take you to the “dashboard”:

2. Click on the Gallery link (outlined in red, above)

3. Click on Add Gallery/images (indicated by arrow above) resulting in the “Upload Images” screen:

4. If you are inserting the images into an existing gallery, select it in the “Choose gallery” menu (E.g. “Photos of members hop gardens”). Otherwise, see below for instructions on creating a new gallery.

5. Select your image(s) for upload (you can click Browse more than once to add multiple files)

8. Click Upload images button

9. You can now visit the gallery to edit captions, etc. Click on Manage Gallery.

10. Click on the name of the gallery (Propane fire caution for the example below).

10. Edit the title and/or description. The title is the “hover text” and the description will be displayed with the full size image.

11. Click Save Changes.

12. Go look at your photos in the gallery: