Brewer: Colin Burton

I view this as the first real recipe I wrote, and it has remained unchanged since I first put it together in 2011. I decided to make it after visiting a small brew pub in the North East of England and tasted the most fantastic mild from gravity fed cask. I had to try to recreate it so I could drink it regularly and the recipe below the result of that effort. I ultimately have no idea how close I came, but I ended up with something I was proud of and brew at least twice a year to keep on tap.

Brewing Notes:

  • The bittering hops I use don’t really matter, I try to use high alpha English hops to keep the hop weight low.
  • The finishing hops can be omitted, I do them sometimes and not others. It works well either way.
  • Try to target the bitter ratio in the notes rather than a specific IBU, I find that to be a little more consistent.
  • I switched to kg from lbs when I changed from 10 gallon batches to 11 gallon batches because the numbers actually worked out very well, which is why the weights seem a bit random – focus on the grist percentages to adapt to your system.