The Guild purchased a used bourbon barrel in April 2006 that we filled with barley wine. The barrel and the blending of different beers give the barrel whole new levels of complexity and flavor. Members can brew up a batch of barley wine, deposit it in the barrel, and withdraw a slightly smaller amount of beer from the barrel to take home and enjoy.

For more details and history of the project, please see: AABG Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine project (AABGBBBW)

The recipe

OG 1.095, 68 IBU, all East kent Goldings

For 5 gallons (65% eff.)

16.5 lbs (84.3%) Maris Otter pale malt
2.0 lbs (10.2%) Briess Special Roast malt
1.0 lb. (5.1%) UK crystal 45L
1 oz. (0.3%) UK chocolate

3.75 oz. EKG (5.7% aa) 60 minutes 60 IBU
1.0 oz. EKG (5.7% aa) 15 minutes 8 IBU

WhiteLabs WLP022 Essex yeast or other English ale yeast, although this probably isn’t so important now that it’s developing barrel character.