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Imperial Stout

English-style Imperial Stout using high proportion of brown malt with American
2-row to assure sufficient enzymes, Briess Extra Special Malt for raisiny, roasted
richness, black malt and roast barley for color and roast notes.

Brewer: Jeff Renner Email: -
Beer: Imperial Stout Style: Imperial Stout
Type: All grain Size: 11 gallons
152 HCU (~47 SRM)
Bitterness: 71 IBU
OG: 1.089 FG: 1.022
Alcohol: 8.6% v/v (6.8% w/w)
Water: 10 gallons well water plus 1 tsp CaCl2 and 1 tsp CaSO4 for mash
10 city water dechlorinated w/ Campden + 1 tsp CaSO4
Grain: 12 lb. 13 oz. Briess 2-row
9 lb. 8 oz. Crisp Maris Otter
7 lb. Crisp brown
1 lb. 8 oz. Briess Extra Special malt 130L
8 oz. British black patent
1 lb. 4.8 oz. British Roasted barley
Mash: 78% efficiency
2-1/2 gallon treated well water under FB + 7-1/2 gallons plus 2 gallons treated city water at 170F hit 150F. Rest 1 hr. 40 min. with one heat and recirculation boost. Heat to mash out over 40 minutes. Runoff and sparge for 55 minutes.
Boil: 105 minutes SG 1.075 13 gallons
2 lb. Lyle's Golden Syrup
1/8 tsp. Servomyces last 15 minutes for zinc micronutrient
Hops: 3 oz. English Target (8.4% AA, 105 min.)
3.5 oz. English Challenger (7% AA, 105 min.)
Yeast: 10 fl. oz. thick WhiteLabs London WLP013, top cropped from previous bitter

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