The Herald Trubune

Newsletter of the Ann Arbor Brewers' Guild
April 1998
Volume #12 Issue #4

April Meeting

This month's meeting of the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild will be on Friday, April 3, at 7:30 pm and will be hosted by Bill Pfeiffer. See inside for directions. The featured style is Pilsner. Hope to you can make it!

Meetings Schedule

DateWho's hostingFeatured style
Fri, April 3Bill PfeifferPilsner
Fri, May 8Stephen R. KrebsRauchbier
Fri, June 12Spencer ThomasPorter
Sat, July 11???Weiss/Beer-BQ!
Fri, Aug 7Stephen KlumpBelgin
Fri, Sept 11???Oktoberfest

When and Where

Friday, April 3, 7:30pm
Bill Pfeiffer
10676 Seitz Rd
Brighton, Michigan
(810) 229-0727


From the North
Take Us 23 south to the M-59 exit
Go west (right) to 1st traffic light
Go south (left) on Old-23/Whitmore Lake Road 3.6 miles to 1st traffic signal
Go east (left) on Hyne Road 1.3 miles
Go south (right) on Corlett to end, 1 mile
Go west (right) on Newman and continue south (left) on the paved road (Van
Amberg) 0.7 mile
Go west (right) on Seitz Road-house is 1Ä4 mile on left

From the South
Take US 23 north to Lee Road, Exit #58
Go north (right) on Old-23/Whitmore Lake Road 2.2 miles
Go east (right) on Spencer Road (3rd traffic light) 1.2 miles
Go north (left) on Van Amberg-see below*

From the East
Take I-96 west to Pleasant Valley Road
Exit #150
Go north (right) 1.1 miles
Go west (left) on Spencer Road 0.7 mile
Go north (right) on Van Amberg*
From the West
Take I-96 east to Spencer Road Exit #147
Go east (right) to Old-23/Whitmore Lake Road. (traffic light)
Go north (left) to Spencer Road (traffic light)
Go east (right) on Spencer 1.2 miles
Go north (left) on Van Amberg-see below*
*	Continue north on Van Amberg 1.5 miles then go west (left) on Seitz
Road-house is 1Ä4 mile on the left.

Guide for New Members

Bring 1-2 bottles per batch of your beer that you'd like to share, or an interesting commercial beer. Bring tasty munchies to cleanse the palate and sop up the alcohol and a small sampling glass to keep your host from having to provide one. Feel free to share and sample with other members and make and accept constructive comments. Please use good judgment while imbibing and don't drive while intoxicated.

Style of the Month - Pilsner

AHA Style Guidelines

15. Classic Pilsener

a) German-Style Pilsener

A classic German Pilsener is very light straw/golden color and well hopped. Hop bitterness is high. Hop aroma and flavor are moderate and quite obvious. It is a well-attenuated and medium-bodied beer, but a malty accent can be perceived. Fruity esters and diacetyl should not be perceived. There should be no chill haze. The head should be dense and rich.
Original Gravity (Plato)1.044-50 (11.0-12.5)
Final Gravity (Plato)1.006-12 (2-3)
% Alc./Wt. (Alc./V.)3.6-4.2 (4.6-5.4)
SRM (EBC)3-4 (6-8)
b) Bohemian-Style Pilsener

Pilseners in this subcategory are similar to German Pilseners, however they are slightly more full bodied and can be as dark as light amber. This style balances moderate to high bitterness and "noble-type" hop aroma and flavor with a malty, slightly sweet, medium body. Diacetyl may be perceived in very low amounts. There should be no chill haze. The head should be dense and rich.
Original Gravity (Plato)1.044-56 (11.0-14.0)
Final Gravity (Plato)1.014-20 (4-5)
% Alc./Wt. (Alc./V.)3.2-4.0 (4.1-5.1)
SRM (EBC)3-5 (6-10)
c) American-Style Pilsener

This classic and unique pre-Prohibition American-style Pilsener is straw to deep gold in color. Hop bitterness, flavor and aroma are medium to high, and use of "noble-type" hops for flavor and aroma is preferred. Up to 25 percent corn in the grist should be used, and some slight sweetness and flavor of corn are expected. A low level of DMS is acceptable. Malt flavor and aroma are medium. This is a medium-bodied beer. Fruity esters and citrusy flavors or aromas should not be perceived. Slight diacetyl is acceptable. There should be no chill haze.
Original Gravity (Plato)1.045-60 (11.3-15.0)
Final Gravity (Plato)1.012-18 (3-5)
% Alc./Wt. (Alc./V.)3.9-4.7 (5.0-6.0)
SRM (EBC)3-6 (6-12)
***See the end for Jeff Renner's Michigan State Fair, 1st Place award winning American-Style Pilsner!

Stephen Klump's HDB Win

Congratulations are in order for Stephen Klump! Stephen won 3rd place in the English Ale category for his Hopped to the Hilt IPA at the 1998 Heart of Dixie Brew-Off. Submitted by René Derieux

Hopped to the Hilt IPA

Quantity5.75 gallons in primary
Malt11.5# DWC Pale Ale
2# Victory Malt
2 oz flaked wheat
4 oz DWC Caravienne
Water2.5 tsp Burton Water Salts
Hops3 oz East Kent Golding (UK) 6.4%alpha and 0.5 oz EKG 5.0% 60 min
1 oz EKG 5.0% and 0.75 oz Fuggles (UK) 4.0% 5 min
2.0 oz Fuggles-yes really 2.0 oz (dry hop in secondary) (Note All hops whole leaf or leaf plugs)
Mash18 qts-155░ F 45 min
160░ F 45 min
168░ F 10 min
YeastWyeast 1968 (2l starter, pitched only sludge at bottom of starter container)
GraviatyOG 1.066 FG 1.020
Ferment5 day primary (glass)
21 day secondary (glass)
C021/2 cup corn sugar
Note:hop utilization lower b/c of new immersion chiller inhibiting circuation of boil. Actual IBU's measured: 45

AHA Celebrates its 20th Year!

This year, the American Homebrewers Association celebrates its 20th Anniversary as well as the 10th Anniversary of National Homebrew Day, the only national holiday that celebrates beer and brewing. We felt that to properly celebrate these significant occurrences, we needed an equally momentous event. What we came up with is Big Brew '98.

Big Brew '98 is the record-setting attempt of the simultaneous brewing of many small homebrew batches of the same beer recipe by homebrewers across the nation. Big Brew '98 will take place on National Homebrew Day, Saturday, May 2, 1998. The plan is to have homebrew shops, clubs or even individual brewers host and oversee each brewing site across the country. Then, on the day of the event, homebrewers would brew at these registered sites. We will gather information, such as, total number of participating brewers, total number of gallons brewed, total amount of hops and total malt used, etc.

Currently, I have a proposal in front of the Records Committee of Guinness Media, the publishers of Guinness Book of Records for them to include this homebrewing record in the 1999 version of their book. However, we do not have a guaranteed commitment from them that this record attempt will be included in their book. Yet!

The recipe that we will be brewing, "Big 10/20", is based on Little Apple Brewing Company's "Big 12" Barley Wine, created and brewed by Rob Moline and winner of the Gold Medal in the Barley Wine category at the 1996 Great American Beer Festival. We will have two versions of this recipe, an all grain and an extract/steeped grain version. We will be flying Rob out to Boulder to have him available to homebrewers via an online chat room on the day of the brewing.

Big Brew '98 is being sponsored by Lallemand Inc., Briess Malting Company and Schreier Malting Company. Because of their support, there's is no cost to homebrewers to participate in Big Brew '98. We truly hope this event will encourage homebrewing at all levels by any and all homebrewers throughout the country.

In addition, let me say that often in groups or forums, we homebrewers discuss differences in brewing levels, techniques and opinions. It's time we come together to celebrate our similarities and simply homebrew a batch together. I invite and encourage all of you to participate.

For a more information on Big Brew '98, including the "Rules & Regulations", send an email to me at with "Big Brew '98 Rules" in the subject line.

     E Pluribus (Br)Unum!
     {From Many, One (Brew)!}
     Brian M. Rezac
     American Homebrewers Association
--Submittd by Spencer Thomas

AABG Meetings

I have been mulling ideas about how to re-introduce homebrew discussions back into the AABG-a thought I had was to break the meeting into two halves divided by the business meeting-the first half could be a forum discussion about the style of the month and commercial examples and the second half would be devoted to socializing with the informal discussions. The first half would be for those interested in the styles and would start promptly at 8 pm and end at 8:45 when the business meeting begins. This is in an effort to end the beer-bash atmosphere that currently prevails and give structure. What do you think?

- Stephen Klump

Phil Wilcox On Harpers

Nobody got the smoked Rye? What a brew! Darn shame. Its heads and tails above the rest. Especially that awful porter. I made my first visit just after the new year-I had the pleasure of being the first customer to quaff the smoked rye. I almost stopped in again last night after the game for some yeast, but alas the weather and time of day kept me away. If you're going to publicly rag on a brew pub you'd better have at least tried all the beers. Get a sampler. For $4.50 you get six ounce samples-My friend that's the best beer buy for the dollar of any of 30+ brew pubs I've visited in North America, and that's even if you don't discount the Canadian exchange rate. I ranked Harpers beers like this.

Smoked Rye-A delicate winter warmer. Smooth rye overtones and a not quite subtle hint of smoke when its cold. As it warms the smoke fades into oblivion and a more malty presence quietly makes its way to the front of the palate. An Excellent brew that will only improve with age. Stout-Its a stout. Dark, dry, and roast. Nothing fancy here, just a good quality brew pub stout. Am Wheat-Their biggest seller. Its wheat. Its cloudy. Its not too clove and no Banana hints at all. It is however right in the middle of the Am. Wheat category. Note: Its cloudy beer! And its selling well in a brew pub smack in the middle of Michigan State University. That says something. Amber Ale-Its ale. Its amber. It had some hops. Uneventful Cream Ale-Or shall we say pale ale. Bland, Pale and not real "Creamy." MarketersŐ Mocha Java Porter-What a disaster. They should serve it in a cup and saucer. Or like English tee with a strainer to filter out the coffee grounds. Yelch! Hello, Bartender, I'd like some beer with this coffee! Way over done. Only flavor is that of coffee GROUNDS! According to brewing staff, it was made by steeping 5 10 lb bags of grounds for an amount of time. To say the least it didn't turn out the way they had intended. The bright/serving tanks are located on the same level as the brewery/pup because there is a HUGE Dance club underneath the pub that been there for 30+ years. They couldn't go straight down and create a cold room like most brew pubs. Instead they have to pipe it across roof into glycol-chilled copper-clad serving tanks located around the restaurant. Its visually beautiful-and practically awful (PITA) not to mention expensive. But there is no place left to go.

Now, I've only been there once, but I did catch them while they were brewing. I had a really good discussion with the brew master and assistants about their process, yeast strains and brewery design. And they were polite enough to warn me about the porter. I did sample ALL of his brews, ranked them by mostly empty glass and left instructions with the bartender for the brewer to see them. But beyond that, I took the time to really study the place. When I sampled the beer, I analyzed it as I proceeded slowly and carefully. The bartender was even nice enough to offer to pour our samplers one at a time. It's a nice establishment. Well, laid out and still being worked on. Please remember its new, The equipment is new, the staff is new, and yes the brewer is new too. He may look like a teenager wearing his dad's brewery shirts, but he's not. Their his, and they look old and faded because he earned them with the experience that got him to where he is today. The brew master at the newest brew pub in Michigan.

-Phil Wilcox

Michigan State Fair Homebrew Competition 1997

1st Place Pilsner

Jeff Renner

Your Father's Musache

Beer styleAmerican (pre-Prohibition) Pilsner
Quantity11 gallons
WaterHard well water boiled with 3tsp CaCl2 and decanted
Malt15 lb US 6-row
1lb DWC Munich
4lb corn grits
Mash1.25 lb 6-row & grits mashed and boiled 75 min
added to rest of malt
100░ 20min
140░ 30min
160░ 30min
Hops1oz Saaz plug (3.5%) FWH 85min
1.4 oz Cluster plt (7.5%) & 1oz St. Goldings plug (5.2%) 85min
1oz Saaz plug & 0.5 oz Hallertau plug (2.6%) 15min
0.4oz Saaz & 0.5oz Hallertau 0 min
Boil time85 min.
YeastYCKC New Ulm, 4 liter starter used
GravitysOG: 1.048FG: 1.016
Primary11 days, 48░ F, glass
Secondary7 weeks, 33░ F, glass
BottledKeg June 12, Bottle July 21, 1997

Judges' Comments

Hops and corniness come through and it looks great. Aftertaste dominated by hop. Keep up the good work.

See the first article for the AHA guidelines for this style.

Pico at Van Eck's

David Van Eck's place is the official home of the club's Pico system. Anyone wishing to "rent" it should contact him at home: 313/332-9710, 1775 David Ct., or via e-mail:

The system might not always be at its home, but Dave should be able to put you in touch with whoever has it.

Newsletter Editor
		Steve Darnell
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