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Volume #12 Issue #3 Newsletter of the Ann Arbor Brewers' Guild

March Meeting

This month's meeting of the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild will be on Friday, March 13, at 7:30 pm and will be hosted by Rolf Wucherer. See inside for directions. The featured style is Bock. Hope to you can make it!

Meeting Change

This month's meeting of the Ann Arbor Brewers Guild was originally scheduled to be hosted by Chris Schwartz of the Michigan Co-operative House. After consideration of several issues, an executive decision was made to not hold it there without first consulting our members. The new meeting location will be at Rolf Wucherer's, who has graciously offered his home. Thank you Chris for the volunteering.

When and Where

Friday, March 13, 7:30 pm
Rolf Wucherer
1705 Cherokee Rd
Ann Arbor, MI

Guide for New Members

Bring 1-2 bottles per batch of your beer that you'd like to share, or an interesting commercial beer. Bring tasty munchies to cleanse the palate and sop up the alcohol and a small sampling glass to keep your host from having to provide one. Feel free to share and sample with other members and make and accept constructive comments. Please use good judgment while imbibing and don't drive while intoxicated.

Meetings Schedule

DateWho's hostingFeatured style
Fri, Mar 13Rolf WuchererBock
Fri, April 3Bill PfeifferPilsner
Fri, May 8Stephen R. KrebsRauchbier
Fri, June 12 Porter
Sat, July 11 Weiss/Beer-BQ!

Tom Plunkard's BHC Win

Our own Tom Plunkard placed second in the American Light Lager (Pre-Prohibition) category at the Boston Homebrew Competition, and qualified for the MCAB (Master Championship of Amateur Brewing) in the pre-pro pils style. Congratulations, Tom!

-Submitted by Spencer Thomas

Style of the Month - Bock

AHA Style Guidelines

12. German-Style Bock

Category award is sponsored by Washington Hop Commission, Yakima, Wash.

a) Traditional German-Style Bock Traditional bocks are made with all malt and are strong, malty, medium- to full-bodied, bottom-fermented beers with low hop bitterness that should increase proportionately with the starting gravity. Hop flavors should be low, and hop aroma should be very low. Bocks can range in color from deep copper to dark brown. Fruity esters may be perceived at low levels.
Original Gravity (°Plato)1.066-74 (16.5-18.5)
Final Gravity (°Plato)1.018-24 (5-6)
% Alc./Wt. (Alc./V.)5.0-6.0 (6.4-7.6)
SRM (EBC)15-30 (30-59)

See the back page for Tom Plunkards Michigan State Fair, 1st Place award winning Traditional Bock!

Treasurer's Report, March, 1998: The Ax Has Fallen!

Those unfortunate membeers that have not paid their dues by now have been dropped from the mailing list. How many will I have to add back next month when they learn to their dismay that they forgot to pay? Too many, but I shan't belabor the point. On to this month's streamlined report: Starting balance: $1347.36. I received '98 dues of $15 each from Duncan Williams, Don Reum, Hal Buttermore, Dan McConnell, Zoe Farmosonis, Mark Sakalauskas, Arthur Howard, Steve Klobukowski, Randy deBeauclair, Tom Plunkard, Bob & Jean Freligh (they miss the old gang and say, "Hi"), and Vic & Nancy Gagnon. This made for a total of $180 taken in. Brian Murphy was reimbursed $10 for his Club-Only Contest Entry (Plug: We will pay for your Club-Only entry if you are selected by the club for entering. So enter! End of plug.); I paid $27.10 to Kolossos for February copies and $96 to the Postmaster for stamps; this made for a total paid out of $133.10 . This leaves a balance in the checkbook of $1394.26. Many thanks and a tip of the Hatlo hat to Jack Mercer, who gamely collected dues in lieu of moi at the last meeting. Hey! I still owe money to Ken Schramm for the Mazer Cup! I know we approved it at the meeting at Jeff's house, but I was so fried I forgot the amount! Ken, e-mail me and I'll send it right out, OK?

Dues for calendar 1998 are $15 a year or prorated at $1.25 a month. Make your dues checks payable to me, Rolf Wucherer, 1705 Cherokee, Ann Arbor, MI 48104. The club does not have a bank account and checks made out to the Guild must be resubmitted.

-Rolf Wucherer

Irish-American Ale


It's about time to think about brewing a beer for a St. Paddy's Day party. How about something different from the usual stout or green beer, something with an American touch? I've made an Irish-American ale that I figure is similar to what was served in Irish neighborhood taverns in the Northeast 100 years ago, although I have no proof. Maybe like McSorley's? It's sort of a red ale with corn, flaked barley, medium crystal and a touch of chocolate. It's a little stronger than a British session beer, a little less than typical US beers (due to higher FG), and certainly less strong than the authentic ales of a century ago, but they didn't have to drive home then. This is popular with Killian's drinkers as well as real ale fans as it has enough interest to hold them. Resist the temptation to up the bitterness as it is inappropriate in this style.

McGinty's Irish-American Ale

  • 5.25 gallons @ 1.044
  • 5.5 lbs 6-row (US 2-row should work, too)
  • 1.75 lbs flaked maize (this is an American brew!)
  • 0.75 lbs flaked barley
  • 0.5 lbs crystal 30L
  • 2 oz. chocolate (this gives dark amber and nice flavor, use 1 oz. if you want red)
  • This time I mashed 154°F 60 minutes. The first time, I did a 40/60/70C mash (30 minutes at each step) adding the corn at 60C the first time . The 40C rest may have helped break down beta-glucans in the barley, and passing from 40 to 60 over 30 minutes or so effectively gave me a protein rest, which may have made the beer clearer. Irish moss might not hurt. However, this brew has cleared nicely.

    Bittering hops - Cluster (I used 3/4 oz for 19 IBU) (any neutral bittering hops will work)

    Finishing hops - Golding (Domestic would be fine) (I used 1/2 oz for 15 min. for 4 IBU and another 1/2 oz at knockout) (FWH might be nice here) Target 23 IBU

    Irish Ale yeast YeastLab A05 (although I used NCYC1332 this time)

    OG 1.044
    FG 1.015

    - Jeff Renner


    Several people have asked when we are going to do this brewola? My plan is to order grain and hops today, hopefully there will be extra, in case someone comes in late, but wants to join in.

    I read on the HBD that wheat malt has plenty of enzymes to convert itself plus other adjuncts, if anybody has information contrary to this please let me know.

    Ann Arbor Brewers Guild
    1998 Brewola #1 - American Pale Ale

    Volume:	5.0 gallons
    O.G.	1.056 
    F.G	????
    6.6 lb	Pale malt extract
    1.00 lb	Cara-pils
    1.00 lb	40 L crystal malt
    1.00 lb	Wheat malt
    1.5  oz	Cascade 4.9%	xx min.
    0.5  oz	Cascade 4.9%	xx min.
    1.5  oz	Cascade 4.9%	xx min.
    1.5  oz	Cascade 4.9%	Dry x days
    All Grain
    Grains/Fermentables	Lbs	Hops	AAU	Oz Min
    Pale, American 2 Row	7.75	Cascade	4.9%	1.50 xx
    Cara-pils, American	1.00	Cascade	4.9% 	0.50 xx
    Crystal 40, American	1.00	Cascade	4.9%	1.50 xx
    Wheat, Midwest Malt	1.00	Cascade	4.9%	1.50 dry
    Yeast YL A02=American ale
    If you missed the "kits" don't despair, just pick-up the ingredients at your local HB shop or check with me to see if any "kits" are still available, by e-mail at: or call at: 248/377-7128 (work).


    Kits will be made up of the following:
    Grains	Lbs
    Pale	7.75
    Cara-pils	1.00
    Crystal 40°	1.00
    Wheat	1.00
    Hops	Oz
    Cascade	5.0
    Yeast	YL A02=American ale
    Extract brewers are on their own for the extract, but with the minimum of a 5 lb order of hops, there should be plenty to go around. Yeast? What can I say, I think there is plenty there too.

    No strict rules, we are brewing for the fun of it, if you can, keep good notes so that we can compare procedures for teaching each other on how to brew better beer.

    - Arnold J. Neitzke

    Local Color in Novi

    The approach to the building is pretty awesome, the first thing that I noticed was the brewing equipment on TWO floors on the far left, you also can not miss the kitchen on the far right as the people in there are just flying to and fro (it was very busy in there).

    As you enter the doors, you realize there is a bar just outside of the kitchen and runs almost the full length of the building, since we had already eaten, we just went to the bar.

    I ordered the sampler, seven different beers, served in small mugs: Pils, Brown, Stout, Red, Pale Ale, Lite, Specialty All the beers were dry, the only ones with a flavor profile of any kind was the Brown and Tomboy Red, with the red being the one I preferred over the others, but they were all very drinkable.

    The lite was "making love in a canoe" and the special was supposed to be a stronger version of the pils, when I asked what it was, the bartender said it was the pils but fermented longer?

    As I said at the top, I'm not a beer judge, so you should go and taste for yourself, for me it was worth the trip just to see the place and I'll go back to try dinner there.

    One note, I had tried to make reservations over the phone but no one answered (it went to phone mail), it turns out that they do not open until 5 p.m. (for now).

    Directions if your interested, from I-96 get off at Novi road and go south to Grand River and make a left, it is about a mile east on the right side of the road.


    - Arnold J. Neitzke

    Michigan State Fair Homebrew Competition 1997

    1st Place Bock

    Tom Plunkard
    Bock to the Future
    Beer style	       Traditional Bock
    Quantity	       5 gallons
    Malt                   6 lb Vienna; 3.75 lb Munich;
                           2 lb Aromatic; 1 lb Caramunich;
                           1 lb Biscuit; 1/2 lb chocolate
    Mash	               160°F, 70 min;
    Hops	               0.8 oz Tettnang (4.5%) 60 min
                           1 oz Tettnang 30 min
    Boil time	       120 min
    Yeast	               Yeastlab Munich lager, starter used
    Carbonation	       Keg
    Gravity	               OG: 1.068     FG: 1.020
    Primary	               13 days, 49°F, glass
    Secondary	       2.5 months, 35°F, keg
    Bottled	               August 6, 1997

    Judges' Comments

    Malt flavor is moderately sweet; slight roasted note a touch strong; clean finish, but a bit too dry. Well done. Improve malt aroma first, then flavor.

    See the front cover AHA style guidelines for this style.

    Pico at Van Eck's

    David Van Eck's place is the official home of the club's Pico system. Anyone wishing to "rent" it should contact him at home: 313/332-9710, 1775 David Ct., or via e-mail:

    The system might not always be at its home, but Dave should be able to put you in touch with whoever has it.

    Newsletter Editor
    Steve Darnell
    313/487-2316 fax