Member Benefits:

  1. Join the club Email List (see below);
  2. Come to club meetings;
  3. Participate in club events such as the Big Brew, Beer-B-Que, and more;
  4. Save money through club bulk buys of grains, honey, hops, and other good stuff;
  5. Participate in club projects such as the Bourbon Barrel Barley Wine project;
  6. Rent the club Pico system;
  7. Improve your brewing by sharing beers, experience and advice with a great community of homebrewers.

Email list

One of the prime benefits of membership is our email list. Club announcements are posted to this list, but it’s also a place to ask questions, get advice, and discuss brewing techniques and beers. Only members may join the list. 

You must join the email list, it is not automatic.Please enter your full real name (first and last) as “Display name” so that we can verify your membership. Your subscription may not be approved if you do not enter your name as it appears in the membership roster. 

To join the email list, go to!forum/aabrewersguild. Note: to sign up here, you must have a Google account. You can sign up with any email address (gmail is not required). If you do not have a Google account, and do not wish to create one, send an email to to request that you be added to the list.

Other Communication

Recently the club has begun using Slack for real-time communication. While this is still new for us, we are gaining traction with it and have organised several club activities this way. It is helpful not only in that it enables us to talk in real-time, but it opens up the ability to get information about specific events being organised or topics being discussed without having to sift through extra information. Slack works as both a desktop and mobile application. Paid members can sign-up to join our Slack here:


Club dues are $20 a year (or $50 for 3 years) for individual members, $25 a year (or $60 for 3) for couples who both participate.

2020 dues will carry over to 2021. Because we had almost no “in person” activities and thus low expenses in 2020, we decided on this action. That is, if you were a member in 2020, your membership is extended through 2021 as well.

For members who move out of state, but who would like the ability to post, dues are $20 for three years OOS (out of state), $50 for lifetime.

We would appreciate you giving us some additional information that will help us contact you, and will help the club meet your needs and wants. Please fill in and submit the member information form. In particular, if you want a club membership card, this is how you get it!

Members can pay their dues to Geoff Billiu in three ways:

  1. Mail a check made out to AABG to:
    Geoff Billiu
    11729 Butler Rd
    Willis, MI 48191
  2. Send Pay Pal payment  to gbilliu at comcast dot net (make the obvious substitutions to turn that into an email address for PayPal.) Select “I’m sending money to family or friends” (instead of “I’m paying for goods or services”), as shown, to avoid us getting dinged with a $0.75 fee by PayPal. After you click “Continue”, please add a note indicating “This is $20 for payment of AABG dues in 2008 for Jack & Jill Brewer”, as I do not recognize
  3. Make payment to Geoff Billiu at an AABG meeting or function — checks greatly appreciated, cash begrudgingly accepted.

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