August, 2016 meeting

Please note: you must be at least 21 years old to attend AABG meetings. The August meeting will be hosted by Crispy Frey, starting at 7:30PM on Friday, August 12. Read general information about the meeting, including an interactive map to the location. The pre-meeting program starts at 6:30PM. We will be discussing how we want to go forward as a club: do we want to be more organized, and if so how? Dress appropriately – tomorrow is going to be hot, real hot, damn hot! There is also good chance of rain. If it doesn’t rain, it’s going to be muggy. And the meeting is going to be in the garage and screened in patio attached to the garage. However, the business meeting will be in the basement from 6:30 to 7:30. If you want to mix and mingle and drink, please go directly to the garage. We need focus for what promises to be the start of a process of discovery and ideation. Michigan Avenue is under heavy construction with detours posted. You can’t cross over Michigan Avenue at Ann Arbor Saline Road if this is your normal route. On top of the construction, the town will start it’s Summerfest celebration, so S. Ann Arbor is closed from Michigan Ave to the next block south (Henry Street – where Salt Springs Brewery resides). Otherwise follow the detours, get on Henry and then turn south on Ann Arbor Saline Rd. Parking is on the street (we share a driveway with the neighbors). Be mindful of Jake (our dog). Gates need to be latched at all times. Pay attention to the signs – gates go one way. It will either say “PUSH” or “PULL”. (more…)

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