May, 2014 meeting

Please note: you must be at least 21 years old to attend AABG meetings. The May meeting will be hosted by Steve Krebs, starting at 7:30PM on Friday, May 9. Read more about this month's meeting online, including an interactive map to the location. Steve writes: Note there is no parking on the East side of Montgomery. Park on the West side of the street only. There is parking on Washington and Abbott streets. The meeting will be in the back yard. There will be plenty of room in the back yard for everyone. I will have Mike’s big tent to keep us dry if it rains. It will be warm, in the 60’s, so keeping dry is the main concern. I will not have chairs or tables so if anyone can bring either or both, that will be appreciated. We will need tables for the food. A large part of the front porch will be taken up with stuff for the remodeling of my bathroom. This means that if we do end up on the porch at some point, there will be much less room than usual. While there is a bee hive in the back yard there are no bees in it yet. (more…)

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