Photos from the club-only competition are posted

Susan Rankert took some photos during the Old Ale club-only competition judging. They are finally available here.

You can also find them on the AABG Photo Albums menu (above).



Saury Barrel Exchange: Belgian Golden/Saison

On Sunday a dozen or so folks gathered at my place (Aron Butler) to drain the Belgian Golden from the Saury barrel there and replace it with a Saison. Like the Radoux barrel currently holding a Flanders Red at my place, this one was obtained from 2 Lads Winery of Traverse City. It was filled […]

2011 Big Brew on May 7

BOULDER, CO. A celebration of National Homebrew Day, known as AHA Big Brew, is now in its 14th year. The Ann Arbor Brewers Guild will host a local site on May 7, 2011.

Organized by the American Homebrewers Association (AHA), AHA Big Brew celebrates National Homebrew Day, honored on the first Saturday of May. AHA […]

AABG Sour Wine Barrel – Flanders Red Fill

This post provides an update on the 2010 sour wine barrel project initially described here:

On 8/21 a group of AABG brewers emptied the saison from the barrel, distributing to the ten brewers who had originally contributed. Final gravity was measured at 1.007, and tasting showed a fairly tart and dry beverage with plenty […]

Tasting notes from the 1 Wort 20 Yeasts experiment.

Tasting Notes from 1 Wort 20 Yeasts (1.2Mb PDF file)

Chris Frey writes:

Attached are the tasting notes from Saturdays’ Same Wort – Different Yeasts.

Two tables of 5-6 volunteers carefully discussed the nuances of each sample.

This will be further developed, but someone suggested getting this feedback scanned and out to the […]

2010 Big Brew

First, Crispy’s brief report:

Big Brew 2010 is in the bag. (Literally for Roger!) I have posted our results to the AHA site. I was given the number 185 for the number of gallons brewed. I forgot to make an actual batch count and participant count, so I gave it my best guesstimation… The weather […]

AABG Sour Wine Barrel - Initial Fill

The AABG purchased a used barrel from 2 Lads Winery of Traverse City, where it had previously held Cabernet Franc. The barrel itself is the Bordeaux Export model made by Radoux Cooperage (French oak, M+ toast, 2007).

It was delivered to Aron Butler’s house in Pittsfield Twp on April 18, 2010. The basement there […]

April's Brew & View

We will be enjoying American Beer – a documentary. “In June of 2002, five friends left New York City by minivan and set out across the United States to visit 38 breweries in 40 days.” . They visit some well renowned breweries and talk with their founders and brewmasters including Larry Bell, Sam Calagione, […]

Michigan Homebrewers at the NHC

Crispy sent this group photo of Michigan homebrewers at the National Homebrew Conference. He says “If you weren’t in the picture, you missed a really good time.” (Not all of the brewers are AABG members, which may be why you don’t recognize all of them.)

(Click on the image for a larger view.)